Meet Mia

T his story comes from one of the most motivated and dedicated owners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Reforming a timid dog can be one of the most challenging behavioral issues to turn around. Ricki’s final celebration report below is a testament to the rewards one can reap when they do their homework. An integral part of this treatment plan was to build confidence and spend time with other dogs in structured group settings. The following rehabilitation took 5 months to complete.

Mia has now completed intermediate classes at Petsmart so she has gone about 16 weeks to obedience classes with a short break between beginner and intermediate classes.

I am so pleased at how well she has done. Our friends notice she is almost a different dog now. She is much friendlier to new people and will actually go forward to greet them and then quickly return to my side. She lets them pet her if she is allowed to move forward initiating the greeting but if they "rush" her she might retreat to my side sooner. Rarely does she actually hide behind my legs when we are out. It may occur if someone is more pushy at petting her and I let them know nicely she is shy. The trainer at Petsmart is thrilled with her progress and Mia readily goes to her and may even push in front of other dogs if she wants by the trainer. She accomplished all requested tasks at the "class test" except a 3 minute "down stay." That is not an issue or concern to me since she always stays close by and immediately comes when called.

While on vacation with friends in New Mexico there were 8 adults and 6 dogs - folks called us the "kennel" as we walked all the dogs together and everyone (all dogs) were fine. Our friends were thrilled at her progress and noticed significant changes in her behavior. Once she knows someone and is comfortable she is a friend to the end to them, always greeting them excitedly!

We have not had any house accidents that I am aware of. She now runs to the door to greet people - before she ran to the front office to look out the front window and see who was there. Now she is ready to meet them in person! She will leave my bedside if my husband gets up earlier than I do and before she would never consider leaving my side at all....not even with food in her dish! She still likes her alone time in the front room when I am busy at home, but once I settle in one place, she is right there next to me. She often goes in and out the dog door solo and was a real "huntress" when we had purple martins in the yard.

I just wanted to share our success with you and thank you for helping Mia be a more confident and self assured little dog...she is so precious and sweet! I am not planning on continuing any more classes right now - we both need a break but can "refresh" her classes at any time.

Ricki and Mia

Meet Teddy

F rom Alane, another satisfied customer, checking in after a behavioral consult. Fortunately, Teddy, the adopted family dog, adjusted well to his new home. The family did so well with Teddy, they decided to adopt another four-legged friend named Rosie three months later.

Thank you Destiny! So far, things are going well.

I'm still having a little trouble with walking on the leash...but I think it is my fault. I'm working on keeping him right next to me while we walk. Right now, he's still a little ahead of me, but it is better than before!

Tom and I (and Teddy too!) really enjoyed meeting you! You are so knowledgeable! We'll be in touch next week to set up another time for you to come over.

Thanks again!